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Hour of Slack #1224 - DragonCon Stang Rant, Susie Show, DEVO-Ween & Negativland Vs. Babushka A good old-fashioned brand-new Hour of Slack, with a little of everything: Stang's SubG 101 rant to SRO crowd at DragonCon, great clips from Rev. Susie's classic live Fun House show during DragonCon weekend with Byron, Pisces & Stang, DEVO-killing DEVO covers from the latest DEVOtional collection, Little Fyodor & Babushka covering Nancy Sinatra, even weird covers of Negativland and Ween songs! LeMur is used as seasoning and preservative. Contains artificial colors.
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Hour of Slack #1223 - Rev. Susie & Pisces Vs. Stang & Byron - live BSTF/HoS Melding 2 Princess Wei R. Doe considers our recent WREK Atlanta recordings to be the FUNNIEST SubGenius radio ever. Rev. Susie the Floozie hosts and guest DJ St. Byron Werner (Rural War Room, Famous Potatos) mixes while Rev. Ivan Stang and Priestess Pisces try to keep up. Also included: new and tear-jerking "Bob" hymn from The Mutant Mountain Boys, new music from The Attery Squash and The 180 Gs, plenty of new LeMur collage, and Rev. Susie the Floozie's stage rant from DragonCon 2009.
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Hour of Slack #1222 - DragonCon Pt.1 - live "Bob's" Slack Time Funhouse/Hour of Slack Melding Rev. Susie the Floozie hosts this amazing blend of SubGeniusry. Many SubGenii were in Atlanta for a devival at the huge weirdo convention DragonCon, and Susie snuck a few old-timers into the studios of WREK at Georgia Tech to record 2.5 hours of bulldada. The main blabbermouths are Rev. Susie, Priestess Pisces, St. Byron Werner (Rural War Room), and Rev. Ivan Stang. In this episode we also hear as much of Pisces' rant as is possible to play on public supported stations, plus a Negativland cover by The 180 Gs, location recordings of amusing DragonCon events such as the SuperVillain Contest, and something . . . catchy.
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Hour of Slack #1221 - Weird Covers of DEVO, Negativland, Joni Mitchell (DEVOtional Report 2) Here we have DEVOtional Report #2 plus misc. weird covers of everything from Nancy Sinatra to Negativland, with new material from Little Fyodor, Rural War Room, Rev. Wilhelm Stahlhelm, The Mutant Mountain Boys and a whole bunch a really good bands that we heard at the DEVOtional or else the latest NNBBM collection. A visit from Rev. Mark Hosler resulted in our acquisition of a whole album of Negativland covers by "The 180 Gs" of Detroit. There is also a 1950s German cover of "El Paso" by Lolita.
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Hour of Slack #1220 - DEVOtional & Live Show 8-30-09 We attended and recorded the 2009 DEVOtional in Cleveland, devoted to all things DEVO. Part of this episode covers that, and features several novel covers of DEVO songs by various bands along with some unusually bran-splitting collages (largely by The Large). The bulk of the show was recorded live at WCSB-Cleveland with StangDoe in the studio and Lonesome Cowboy Dave calling in. The subject matter for that part pretty much runs the gamut. There are photos from the DEVOtional at (events section).
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