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Hour of Slack #1502 - Rerun of #1023 - SubGenius Over The Edge/Negativland

This show from November, 2005 is interstrewn with killer klips by Mister Fernandinande LeMur and Rev. Norel Pref, but most of it (labeled in the log at as "SubNegPuz") is edited from the 5 hour Thanksgiving Business Banquet we enjoyed at the KPFA studios in Berkeley (, thanks to Don Joyce's Over the Edge and Doug Wellman's Puzzling Evidence. They are co-hosting and co-mixing. Guests in this segment include Pope Michael Peppe, Dr. Philo Drummond, Princess Wei, Rev. Ivan Stang, many callers.

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Hour of Slack #1501 - Guest: St. Paul Krassner!

Special episode, live at the WCSB studio in Cleveland with the great satirist, publisher and enemy of the Conspiracy Paul Krassner yakking with regular hosts Rev. Ivan Stang, Lonesome Cowboy Dave and Princess Wei "R." Doe. It's a long, rambling funny discussion of "What REALLY Happened to The Left?" -- plus the unusual chain-gang of idiots. We have a song, "Bob" Pokes Me In The Eye, by someone who sounds like Martin Sheen, the song "On and Off the Road with "Bob" by Rev. Bleepo Abernathy, and a rant by, well, let's just call him Joe. LeMur contributes many collages as does Rev. Norel Pref. 

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Hour of Slack #1500 - Rerun of #1015-- Dread Dobbs!

To celebrate our fifteenth-hundredth week on the air, we pulled a rerun at random. This one is an unusually light-hearted and light-headed live show from October, 2005. Your host Rev. Stang was very tired and utters countless accidental malapropisms. Luckily there is much Killer Kollage from both LeMur and Rev. Norel Pref. Princess Wei "R." Doe and Lonesome Cowboy Dave kept Stang from just reading alt.slack out-takes or falling asleep. Stephen McQuillen's Katrina collage is ASTOUNDING. (Thanks to Phineas Narco for posting that to a.b.s.) Also: the great song "Dread Dobbs" by Lost Souls, Inc. NEXT WEEK: Paul Krassner live in the WCSB Hour of Slack studio!

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Hour of Slack #1499 - rerun of #679

This is a rerun of #679, mixed on tape on April 16, 1999, right after Stang's first marriage broke up and the Hour of Slack mixing studio was moved into a shabby Dallas bachelor apartment. (It was RE-reran as #1014 in 2005.) It's pretty good! Contents of this fast-paced episode include: Ancient Puzzling Evidence, media barrages, Onan Canobite music, SubG preaching by Pope Meyer and David Lynch, Byron Werner "Doktor" collages, Mark Mothersbaugh SubMusic, Dokstok III music, Stang's rants at Winterstar 99, rare ARISE! narration out-takes by Stang instead of Dr. Hal; some great ranting and jams by Stang with Einstein's Secret Orchestra from a rehearsal tape; a song by an Italian SubGenius band; Sister Krys ranting on WFMU; The Band That Dare Not Speak Its Name; ESO collages by Chas Smith; Rev. Susie the Floozie collages; King of Slack Bill T. Miller music; ESO radio with LC Dave and Stang; and a Rev. Friday Jones rant. 

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