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Hour of Slack #1500 - Rerun of #1015-- Dread Dobbs!

To celebrate our fifteenth-hundredth week on the air, we pulled a rerun at random. This one is an unusually light-hearted and light-headed live show from October, 2005. Your host Rev. Stang was very tired and utters countless accidental malapropisms. Luckily there is much Killer Kollage from both LeMur and Rev. Norel Pref. Princess Wei "R." Doe and Lonesome Cowboy Dave kept Stang from just reading alt.slack out-takes or falling asleep. Stephen McQuillen's Katrina collage is ASTOUNDING. (Thanks to Phineas Narco for posting that to a.b.s.) Also: the great song "Dread Dobbs" by Lost Souls, Inc. NEXT WEEK: Paul Krassner live in the WCSB Hour of Slack studio!

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