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Hour of Slack #1384 - The Atheist Evangelist Vs. Puzzling Evidence

We devote 30 minutes to the last third of Brother Sam Singleton's amazing rant as The Atheist Evangelist at 15 X-Day. Much of the rest of this episode comes from the Puzzling Evidence show of July 20, when Dr. Philo Drummond and Dr. Hal had returned from X-Day to deposit their reports and sarcasms. As usual the show is spiced with collages by LeMur and, in this case, short rants by Dr. G. Gordon Gordon, some music from the thing that was not a "rave," and some Doktormusic and Byron Werner cut-ups from the 1985 SubGenius album, "Bod Doktors."

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Hour of Slack #1383 - A SubGenius Wedding & Mighty Yeti Bands

This episode enjoys the advantage of having a lot of Rev. Angry Larry's and Rev. "Suds" Pshaw's guitar work all over it. There's also excellent cuts from live X-Day performances by Andrew the Impaled, The Evolution Control Committee and Amoeba Knievel. Like DEVO and Little Fyodor, Tommy epitomizes the lone weirdo yowling in the wilderness. We hear a poem from the baby voice-pipes of Rev. Baby Bear, and lots of collage by LeMur. Dr. Hal, Philo, GGG and Stang build up anticipation for the climax of the show, the romantic wedding of Rev. Gorgon Mylar (mispronounced by Stang as "Millar") and Princess Squirrel-Face. This was the next-to-last day of the festival and a discerning listener can tell that the Old Preachers are getting a mite rough around the edges by then.

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Hour of Slack #1382 - The Wit & Wisom of Yahoo News Commenters (Live 9-7-12)

We try to avoid Pink human politics, but we'd be remiss not to stink it up at election time. After some good music by Andrew the Impaled, The Evolution Control Committee, and Tommy Amoeba's new band Amoeba Knievel (plus some fine old and new collages, mostly by LeMur), the live part starts. Lonesome Cowboy Dave calls in to the station, and then he, Wei and Rev. Stang read through a selection of "LIBTARD AND OBUMMER HATERS," all enacted word-for-word from actual -- and, sadly, extremely typical -- comments culled from the ends of Yahoo News articles. We understand that the Libtards aren't angels. But they also aren't as eager to share their grammatical expertise with the world as the Romneyites, especially following the infamous "47 %" blurtings. Music by The Slot Rods and an old timey Stang rant help wash out the filth afterwards.

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Hour of Slack #1381 -- Your Night in the Barrel of the Bands (15X-Day)

After Herculean effort we have tweaked and titled our recordings of many top notch superweirdo and nerd-spazz-rock bands that took the stage at 15X-Day weekend: Amoeba Knievel, The Evolution Control Committee, The Slot Rods (close personal friends of The Amino Acids), Andrew the Impaled, and more; the aforementioned have a song or two each in this show, broken up by a live "radio" panel with preachers Dr. Hal Robins, Dr. G. Gordon Gordon, Dr. Philo Drummond, and Rev. Stang. Sam Singleton, the Atheist Evangelist, delivers part 3 of his amazing and searing rant. LeMur provides PR Gnus; and The Psycho Skeletons offer a new song (albeit recorded in their studio rather than in the wind at 15X-Day). Rev. Baby Bear joins the Hour of Slack vocal cast with this show.

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Hour of Slack #1380 -- The Slot Rods Vs. Parasite-Flavored Ice Cream

For this episode, Dr. Philo Drummond, G. Gordon Gordon, Dr. Hal, and Stang  are the main blabbermouths from the Wisteria stage  "Hours of Slack" at 15X-Day. Stang also does much signifying on a pretty decent interview conducted by the New World Manifesto team for their video documentary. We also hear Part 2 of the great Sam Singleton, Atheist Evangelist. Luckily, lots of media barrage collage (by Stang and LeMur variously) and some great instrumental surf-punk by The Slot Rods break up the spoken word sections. The New World Manifesto video can be seen here. 

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