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Hour of Slack #1462 - Rudy Schwartz Project Vs. Papa Joe Mama

The new Rudy Schwartz Project album "Winter Dance of the Koala Sperm Harvest" is stupefyingly great. One might even venture to declare it "awesome, totes." You'll undergo severe gut blowout when you hear "Fuck the Guy from the N.S.A.," and then the rest of your organs will leap out of your body when you hear "Happy Smiling Nipple Boy." Interspersed with the first 5 songs on the new album are very ancient, true-to-"Bob," back-to-the-Pamphlet sermons by the all-star SubGenius preacher, Father Joe Mama. And we delve even deeper into the Church archives with songs from the cassette tape album of the 1980s, ""Bob's" Earwax," especially the works of Rev. G. Don Trubey (of The Dancing Cigarettes). Also: The Psycho Skeletons (two new instrumentals) and the ever-hardened Mr. F. LeMur.

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Hour of Slack #1461 - Monster Sclub High

This special episode is an exposé of weirdo subversion planted in seemingly harmless Pink Conspiracy programming for young girls. Using a collage extravaganza, Rev. Stang illustrates and over-analyzes the peculiar similarities of certain odd toy franchises, especially Monster High, to the Church of the SubGenius. The monster-SubGenius connection is thoroughly discussed also in clips from Puzzling Evidence, X-Day Drills and the Ask Dr. Hal show. Even Billy Bob Thornton tells of his monster fandom experiences (which happen to echo those of Dr. Hal and Rev. Stang). Three marvelous children's disco monster songs from movies plus Lonesome Cowboy Dave's "Monster Club" provide a considerable change of pace from our, er, "usual" musical selections. 

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Hour of Slack #1460 - New Old SubGenius Meets Old Young SubGenius

This is another of those crazy episodes that's part old live stuff that sounds new, part new music, and part new versions of old music. And part a brand new interview with old Rev. Stang by old non-SubGeniuses. The Mama Kangaroo ladies are back singing Captain Beefheart songs, The Psycho Skeletons (all of them!) present two new skelpieces, and LeMur cuts up. Collages by Norel Pref are probably also imbedded in the 2005 WCSB yaks with Stang, Dave n' Doe. Also included are excerpts of Rev. Stang being interviewed very recently by two local AM talk radio hosts who broadcast from a shopping mall. Stang's real purpose in going was to get the testimony of one of those hosts (named David Lynch, believe it or not), who was witness to a long-ago Cleveland seminar for cops on how to identify gang signs -- at which the Dobbshead was shown as an example of a "Satanic gang symbol." Praise "Bob."

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Hour of Slack #1459 - A Monster High

(Live 2014-4-6) Roping "LoneCow Dave" into the station by phone has been tricky lately, so we spent half of this episode replaying some 2005 recordings made when Dave was actually in the WCSB studio. These sections, which we found on a special disc while cleaning, are very rantful although they were originally selected specifically for Wei's Mom to hear, ten years ago. Suddenly, in the middle of the show, Stang, Doe and Dave age 10 years and (among other things) struggle with the issue of racism among monsters -- especially the monsters of a con-for-kids franchise called Monster High. (It attracted our attention for the obvious reasons: girls and monsters.) The "Bob"-"Oyeh" song at the very end is by Rev. Circle Maker.

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Hour of Slack #1458 - Funny Hendrix and Woman Beefhearts

Jimi Hendrix could be a real funny guy, and this show is dedicated to FUNNY HENDRIX. And, unless you're a victim of Hendrixmania, you probably haven't heard these versions of these songs. We even have Hendrix PREACHING. Our man in Dobbstown, Dr. G. Gordon Gordon, found a huge mess of rare Hendrix in "Bob's" vaults, recordings unheard since 1970 -- these are the funniest and/or most surrealistic. When Lonesome Cowboy Dave called in, The Conspiracy broke the phone bank, so we had to make comedy routines about our technical impediments again. So we played more Rare Funny Hendrix and three more songs from "Mama Kangaroo: Philly Women Sing Captain Beefheart." 

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