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Hour of Slack #1180 - "STARK MOCKIT -- A Depression Comedy" by Rev. Susie the Floozy This is one of the greatest Hours of Slack ever, and it's not even an Hour of Slack. It's Rev. Susie the Floozy's incredible Episode # 740 of "Bob's" Slacktime Funhouse from WREK in Atlanta, Georgia, and it's truly one of the most amazing media barrage-style collages we have ever had the orgozmonic psychotronic pleasure to hear. Praise Rev. Susie the Floozy, and the 101 sources from whence she drew. It makes losing everything worth it.
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Hour of Slack #1179 - Space Madness Drug War In the Hour of Slack studio, as we acquire new music and clips, we categorize them into various folders according to general subject matter: "Bob," sex, war, etc. This month, the folder of sound files concerned with drugs filled up. This episode, then, is composed of material that either deals with the dangers of drug abuse (especially in outer space), or else makes you feel like you are on drugs and wish you could come down. LeMur, Dr. Hal, the Joker, Radio Synaesthesia, Priestess Pisces, The Psycho Skeletons, Girl Talk, and especially the band Ogo Dys help out.
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Hour of Slack #1178 - SubGenius All-Purpose Pledge Drive for Any Station It's a pledge drive show! -- a real one, originally done for WCSB in Cleveland, but we have jiggled and edited the specific phone numbers, pledge premiums and station I.D.s so that ANY station could use this for fund-raising purposes. Aside from a little LeMurian collage, some Girl Talk and "Faith healer" by ESO, it's nonstop all-out full-tilt gut-blowout frenzy on the parts of Lonesome Cowboy Dave and Rev. Stang as they dredge up every possible begging and wheedling ploy in the book, including dozens that no RESPECTABLE religious broadcast would ever consider.
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Hour of Slack #1177 - Live 11-2-2008 - Pre-Election Special Rev. Ivan Stang, Lonesome Cowboy Dave and Princess Wei R. Doe break in the new WCSB studio with a live pre-election show featuring "The Interrogation of Mister Listless," bold surrealism, a slew of LeMur political cure-alls and some amazing music by Girl Talk and Marvelkind. Since most of our listeners will hear this after the election, we had to pretend that the election had already happened.
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