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Hour of Slack #1306 -- The Bepiped One Cometh: New Oldies 1970 to 2011

Inspired by Rev. Suds' "best-of" show last week, and motivated by a lack of Time Control, this episode is a mix of Classic Old and Unheard-Of New, plus some New Very-Old. Truly new pieces by The Psycho Skeletons, SODDI, The Large and Rev. Maynard Brainard mix with previously very rare Firesign Theatre radio bits (from 1970 -- yet NEW!). Half the show however is pulled, yanked, and excavated from our archives of SubGenius original audio dating from 1977 to 2004. I, Stang, have set up a system whereby I can nab one audio file per album from all our old Media Barrage and Bobsong collections, as well as categorized material from Hour of Slack shows from the 1990s until around 2004 (when I stopped trying to categorize everything), and thus assemble relatively new-sounding shows from ancient crumbling bits of tape with relative ease.

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Hour of Slack #1305-PG -_Dobbs_Size_Clusterf--k[Radio_Edit] (Rev. Frodis "Suds" Pshaw's SubClassics Media Barrage)

 This is one of the greatest Hours of Slack you will ever hear, because I did not edit it. I had a hard week, and who should pop up with a complete 1-hour best-of SubGenius classics media barrage of his own design to help me out, but Rev. Frodis "Suds" Pshaw of MUNKY HYV fame (who will be at X-Day 14 ,by the way). Rev. Suds made this collage years ago from the CDs and DVDs in our catalog, never expecting anyone to hear it, but this week ITS TIME CAME. It's a wonderful pastiche of favorite SubGenius classics from the past, but it's HIS favorites and HIS mix of them. To me it is an almost TEAR-JERKINGLY good collection. And he even cut out the cusswords for the radio version. Now THAT is what I call a gift of Slack for me personally.

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Hour of Slack #1304 - Rerun of #1003 (2005) - 8X-Day/Starwood: Scoring Anyway

It's reruns again because we have to edit the taxes instead of new shows -- personal taxes as well as the Church taxes. YES, THE CHURCH TAXES.

This one is from only 6 years ago, but it has lots of Dr. Hal, Dr. Drummond, and Dr. Sinister along with us regulars, and some great collages from back when Rev. Norel Pref and Mr. F. LeMur were still sending them. Not much music, though. The X-Day subject matter is still as pertinent today as it was then -- DAMN IT -- except that the X-Day and Starwood festivals are now held at a much better place, Wisteria in Southern Ohio, every July 5 weekend.

To be honest, the main reason I picked this one is because it's one of the earliest that doesn't require a replacement of the PO Box number at the end, so I don't have to remake the MP3s and so forth. THAT'S how pressed for time and distracted I am right now. I have to RECYCLE Slack this week because mine has been used up dealing with Slack-theft. (After having Starwood "stolen" by Brushwood (or what was once Brushwood) last year, this year we are dealing with a "SubGenius" who is trying to steal X-DAY ITSELF, if you can imagine that.)

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HOUR OF SLACK #1303 - Rerun of #553 (1996) - Stang Fail / Christian Bashing

We are having a busy week so we picked a rerun that has been begging for 15 years to be reran. The first half is mostly a prime excerpt from the Chas-Stang-Dave ESO Swamp Radio shows of the '90s, an improvised mini-play in which SubGenius scribe Stang goes from being welcomed into the Conspiracy of the Rich to bumming wine money from Dave. The second half is largely from the Columbus 1996 devival, with a heartfelt anti-Christian rant by Rev. Steve Slack. It's all punctuated by some well-chopped Christian anti-drug praying and two songs by My Life with the Thrill Kill Cult. There is even a mini-rant by Rev. Jesus of the Church of the SubGenius.

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