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Hour of Slack #1132 -- Baltimore Devival - Super-Preaching Absolute top-notch devival with gut blowout ranting! Dr. Legume! Rev. Carter LeBlanc! Rev.Susie the Floozy! The Amino Acids! Fat Free! Stang and other monsters of Slack. (We're posting shows ahead of schedule in order to cut ourselves some Holiday Slack.)
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Hour of Slack #1131 - What's Inside "Bob's" Head Hot preaching from the coldest radio shows and steamiest devivals -- Priestess Pisces, Dr. Hal, The Cosmiks, Stang Rants, LeMurination, Lonesome Synaesthesia, and What's Inside "Bob's" Head!
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Hour of Slack #1128 -- Live 2007-12-02 Amsterdam Devival & Field Trip Report We (Wei and Stang) survived another EuroSubGenius Amsterdam Frop Cup Devival and Field Trip, and then discussed it at length with Lonesome Cowboy Dave. We hope that didn't make him feel any more lonesome. The Frop Cup Winners are announced! Also: We Saved Nixon's Brain, or Would Have, Anyway.
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Hour of Slack #1127 - Subversion Special - Rerun of #44 from 1986 RERUN TIME! We're making and posting these 2 weeks ahead, because we'll be busy with the Amsterdam devivals during the middle of November! This is a beloved classic episode from our first year on the radio. The theme: trendiness bashing.
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Hour of Slack #1126 - Rev. John Shirley Reads "1996 1997 1998" Rev. John Shirley reads his SubGenius short story, "1996 1997 1998" (from "Three Fisted Tales of "Bob" anthology)! That comprises 33 minutes. We also hear from the Puzzling Evidence Letters from Listeners, and some naughty trick audio mutations from and Mister F. LeMur.
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Hour of Slack #1125a - Insane SubGenius Pledge Drive Show The station where live Hours of Slack are produced, WCSB-Cleveland, had a pledge drive, and we did a HELL of a pledge drive show. However, not all the other stations had pledge drives, and even if they did, none have the same call letters, phone numbers and premiums. YET, some of the rants DO APPLY to your life, station, and station in life -- so this episode consists of some of that donation-grubbing, and lots more of everything else, including koyaanisqatful collages by LeMur and Norel Pref, and some fine Puzzling Evidence.
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