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Hour of Slack #1407 - Complete Nerd-Out with Philo, Stang, Peppe, Wellman & Hal

Herein we present the last hour of the Ask Dr. Hal Show of 2-15-2013. It opens with an exceedingly, perhaps even painfully in-depth disection of the movie SON OF KONG, the actual fate of Skull Island, and very large butts (hence the JoCo cover of "Baby Got Back"). Other topics covered: eating frogs; Bobbies and X-Day; Zappa sucks; Hose vs. Hos and HoS; Winterstar and Prof. Chas Smith; giant pills; drugs and listeners; Radio Carpal Tunnel; Manopause; Jack Kirby comic book monsters and their underpants; kindergarten meth heads; Kona, Monarch of Monster Isle; demigods of X-Day; hiding from reality.

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