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Hour of Slack #1423 - Dr. Hal, Dave, StangDoe & Callers on Syn

...(and the Near-Death Experiences of Moles) 2013-6-30

'Twas the Day Before X-Day Week, and we took over Dr. Sinister's Radio Synesthesia at WCSB Cleveland. There were several callers (including a very special guest caller!), and needless to say the subject of X-Day veered off into discussions on the Near Death Experiences of animals (moles, for instance), the tragic tale of Little Johnny Suck-a-Thumb, the identity of The Fifth Beatle, Pittsburgh as the new Portland, and the typhoon that was raging outside the radio station the whole time. SubGenius callers include Dr. Zirroneous, Rev. Tawdry Milquetoast, and Jannus Blackseed, plus No Money Mark and other Syn regulars. But can you identify the secret special caller? There is no music in this episode, nor live tracks from 16X-Day, because we're readying ourselves for the Detroit Devival and short on edit-time.

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