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Hour of Slack #1276 - Reality Cross-Section (13X-Day Special #5)

From which direction will the Conspiracy attack? How did SubGeniuses cause so many major wars to be lost? How does an amoeba feel when Rev. Stang is poking it with a needle while watching through a microscope? Will "Bob" Dobbs ALWAYS have customers? Should rich assholes be shown any mercy? All of these questions are answered in live stage radio shows from 13 X-Day Drill. Also: a blazing sermon by Rev. Frotis Pshaw (of Munky Hyv) and cookin' SubGenius hymns from The Mutant Mountain Boys, Many Fisted Tales of Connie, The Devos, and Rev. Tommy Amoeba, the Lowest Form of Life. LeMur and The Large independently handle the collage requirements.


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