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(REVISED Sept.21) FIRED! The West is fired. The East is drowned. TIME FOR A PARTY IN THE MIDWEST! -- before the rattlesnake-nadoes, anti-masker water riots and burning cactuspus storms beset EVEN US, the Savage Mind of the Country's Interior (as per PuzEv). Sheridan retells the story of Adam and Eve. Onan publishes a SubGenius newspaper which Stang reads. And there are AT LEAST THREE SONGS ABOUT THE WORLD BURNING, ranging from classic masterpiece to bulldada doktor. Noisemakers include Cult of Zir, Soma for Savages, Rev. Negative, and "TNN" (Dr. Faux involved). Towards the end are two epic ancient tracks! One is Rev. Slanderbob's 2010 remix (adding music) of a pretty blistering and energetic devival sermon rant preached (in the 1990s?) somewhere by Rev. Stang before he lucked into Slack and got old and calmed down considerably. The other is an operatic instrumental tour-de-force by The Rudy Schwartz Project called "Buncombe Doubly Damned" from the album Delicious Ass Frenzy. (Trivia note: Stang is excitedly editing a music video using insect wildlife and goat ranch footage to illustrate this RSP composition -- which grotesquely tips its ridiculously ungainly hat to the incredible "Spaghetti Western" scores composed by by the late Ennio Morricone.)

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