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A NEW X-DAY REVELATION is unraveled! The whole episode is Stang's annual sermon to the Winterstar Symposium -- the 31st one. It was delivered via Zoom, so the laughter or anger of the audience watching Stang on their screens can't be heard. It is however a full-on pulpit-pounding rant, this particular one derived largely from "text jams" between old SubGenius Doktors such as Dr. Philo Drummond and Rev. Uncle Dr. Onan Canobite. (And Stang reads a pure Onan rant at the end.) Included is an old-school Mass Short Duration Marriage, cult-style, albeit a bit awkward due to being done remotely rather than with the congregationists being able to physically grope one another. YOU WON'T BELIEVE the new news about X-Day!

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