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Hour of Slack #1164 - The Glories of 11X-Day - Report #3 with Dr. Hal, The Amino Acids, Pisces In this densely edited episode we follow post X-Day narration from Dr. Hal, Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Rev/Princess StangDoe, Priestess Pisces, Dr. Sinister and callers (including THE AMINO ACIDS' Rev. Angry Larry!), intercut with actual live recordings from the X-Day event. A new song by The Attery Squash opens the show. Clips from 11X-Day stage recordings include The Amino Acids, Pisces rants, and some Chickenhed-tainted dawn awaiting-the-saucers moments.
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Hour of Slack #1163 - The Promise of 11X-Day - Special Report #2 Dr. Hal and Lonesome Cowboy Dave join Dr. Sinister, Rev. Ivan Stang and beloved callers for a pre-report on the 11X-Day gathering, wherein SubGeniuses from near and far awaited the coming of the alien overlords who will save us all under "Bob." New collages by LeMur punctuate the show, and we are proud to premiere new music from The Attery Squash and Rev. Max Slack.
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