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Hour of Slack #1331.5 XXX-Rated - Internet Only - Meat and Teat Extravaganza

 This whole episode is just dirty and nasty from top to bottom. It includes "X-rated" clips and songs we've been collecting for a year. Anybody and everybody is covered. It's not an X-Day or even an especially SubGeniusly show, although there are a few clips from the last 3 X-Day Drills. Mostly it is material contributed over the last year -- 46 different tracks -- that were inspiring and funny to the gut-blowout degree, but just wouldn't work AT ALL in censored form. ONLY the subscribers and downloaders will hear this one; it could not possibly be played on any of the broadcast stations that normally carry Hour of Slack. This is the first show to feature some marvelous collages by a new contributor, Rev. Dr. Royal de Capitator. He'll be well represented in shows to come as well.

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