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Hour of Slack #1519 - Astrology and Autism

After some Puzzling Evidence, Stang reads three (very) short stories about SubGeniuses, written with the help of The most recent five or six unarmed-blacks-shot-by-Cleveland-cops verdicts and subsequent non-riots are discussed. Lonesome Cowboy Dave unveils a new song, and the new secret Starwood Festival Special Deal for SubGenii is revealed. Drunken incoherent callers to The SubGenius Foundation phone message machine are discussed. Excess apostrophe adders are cursed. The discussion then veers off into Anti-VaxxerLand and Stang explains his research into astrology as a cause for autism. A general rant about New Age medical quacks follows, and the show closes with a short sermon about the ways that Business Pinks "wryly" express their racism. 

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