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This episode is exactly like the last three, in that it has the same elements: ESO Swamp Radio from 2001, Puzzling Evidence from 2012, ancient rare Firesign Theatre, and Captain Beefheart. Saves time. Allowed us to get the Kindle version of our new book EYELASH out. We start with the late Prof. Chas Smith explaining the origins of Lonesome Cowboy Dave. Later there is an all-star Puzzling Evidence show, and more ESO, with call-ins from superstars Rev. Bleepo Abernathy, Michael Peppe, Popess Lilith, Bishop Joey of Church of the Last Laugh, and Dr. Phineas Narco of National Cynical... but not Dr. Hal. Towards the end, Philo Drummond and Ivan Stang revert to their true identities as Arkansas hog farmers.

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