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Hour of Slack #1386a - WCSB Pledge Drive - Live 2012-11-11

We're putting two shows online this week, because it was pledge drive time at WCSB, which meant that for the other broadscast stations we had to provide a rerun. And it's one of the best reruns. That's #1386b. However, we're putting 1386a online too, because both funny and sad stuff happened. And, hey, both WCSB and the Church will take your donation even if it doesn't come from Cleveland! Imagine that! What a surprise! (There's a donation button on the home page of SubSITE and Hour of Slack donation/subscription buttons at: ) P.S. We feel we should let the too-empathic (and/or the gullible) know that Rev. Stang's insane nervous breakdown near the end is just a performance. Well, MAINLY a performance. There's SOME truth to it.

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Hour of Slack #1386b - Rerun of #984 - SubGenius Album Sampler

We're putting two shows online this week, because it was pledge drive time at WCSB -- meaning that we had to provide this rerun for the other broadscast station. And it's one of the best reruns. The description of it from 2005 applies perfectly well this year too:

I was falling behind on Hour of Slack, yet there's a TITANIC MASS of new material to sort through. Only way to catch up was to FORGET THE NEW, for this week, and use what was already digitized and "prepped" - like for instance all the SubGenius albums! So I grabbed one or two sound files each, whichever I remembered being especially true to "Bob", from the following SubGenius CD albums:

Bobsongs 1 through 6

Media Barrages 0, 5, 10, 11, 12

Hour of Slack Classics

Best of Hour of Slack/ESO live radio

It turned out so well that we sell this collection as a CD too!

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