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Hour of Slack #1428 - Howll 'n Stang's Wonders of Zoology In Disguise with Glasses

This is the pretty much uncut second hour of the first day of 16X-Day Drill daytime stage recordings. Until the end, it's mostly just Dr. Hal Robins and Rev. Ivan Stang having a conversation. (We are joined by the SubGenius Women's Auxiliary next week.) Subjects discussed: "Bob" beer koozy condoms. The Human Millipede. There's a beehive in my nutsac. Why we have a bloody tablecloth on stage. The travails of preemie Naked Mole Rats born on an iceberg in a snowstorm. Don't make desert tortoises pee! Toad zit juice and lizard spit as medicines. Rape isn't funny except when we attempt it. "Bob" porn and photos of the real "Bob." True Smiths and False Smi. Religion is good if only for getting rid of witches. The 3 Stooges brand Snake Oil. Mexican Laurel and Hardy. Google Glasses. Santa bills us. Krampus and Little Black Peter. God as played by Morgan Freeman and Pappy Stang. The Smith Family Reunion. Rod Serling, SubGenius. The Great Secret: Judy in Disguise by John Fred and His Playboy Band

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