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Hour of Slack #1336 - Ministry of Slack Live at 14X-Day

The new kids on the SubGenius radio block are The Ministry of Slack. That show, with a large revolving cast, has been around as a podcast for a few short years, making the old-timers (Hour of Slack, The Puzzling Evidence Show, and "Bob's" Slacktime Fun House) look like mummies. Being strictly a podcast, not a broadcast, they are not beholden to FCC rules. Also, they all live in different places. At 14 X-Day the entire crew met and performed truly live for the first time. Rev. Xister of Ministry of Slack recorded it and sent me a pre-censored version with breaks for insertion of music/collage, which includes TWO new Rudy Schwartz Project songs, an Outmouth brainrip track, The Large, and De Capitater. There's also one clip each from The Puzzling Evidence Show (an unusual Philo-caller moment), and from Radio Synaesthesia (Dr. Sinister's impression of Southern Ohio).



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